Graphic Design and Layout

How is design different from art? Design is focused on function where as Art centers on expression. 


Design needs to work,  communication should happen at a glance. For example, the design of a button communicates "press", a handle "hold".


Efficiency is designing at the same place where you're printing, this way formatting and communication errors can be avoided.


Submit your own design or have our professionals bring your idea to life. To design effectively, first determine your goals, target market, and market trends, which together help forecast a successful marketing campaign. Only after these things are clarified should design begin, because only then can it be determined who, what, when, where and how to communicate effectively.

" If design were the artwork,                                                                  then layout would be the gallery..." 


Layout determines how to navigate a space, physical or otherwise. The layout conducts the flow of information. Composition is key to good layout, knowing how the human eye is conditioned to move, allows one to predict and control the behavior of the viewer. (eg. English reads from left to right top to bottom.)


Whatever your printing needs, we also have the experts to design and layout your ideas.


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