Three Constraints


Managing Expectations

What to consider when going to a print shop.

The Project Management Triangle: Three constraints (diagram A1.0)


The Project Management Triangle is commonly used to show three constraints which limit the production process, the end effect is the product's character. 

A1.0 The Production Triangle A1.0 The Production Triangle


The names of these constraints are not standard, but the general descriptions are the same. 


Quality (blue): This includes the resources, effort, and attention to detail that the consumer will experience as the character of the end-product. 


Service (green): Often it's more about timing rather than speed alone. Encompassing the full timeline from consultation-to-delivery, this crucial constraint focuses on timing and deadlines.


Price (orange): Cheaper is not always better, a cost benefit analysis determines the monetary investment that will maximize towards your end goal.


Obstacle:  This model limits you to maximize only two of the three production constraints, sacrificing the third.


This above model goes wrong for its lack of nuance. The result is a narrow viewpoint, with few options to choose from:


a) To provide all three is considered Impossible*


b) Fair Price, Good Quality, Slow Service


c) Fair Price, Fast Service, Low Quality


d) High Quality, Fast Service, High Price


With any option that is chosen, you are forced to sacrifice the other options. 


* " 'Impossible' is not an option,

there needs to be a better way..."

~ Patrick Nobili, Founder - NewTech 

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Our Innovation


We've taken an innovative approach to the standard Project Management Triangle model by rounding off the edges, the result: The Production Pie(A2.0). This simple but drastic adaptation of the standard model integrates all three constraints so they can be optimized, while none need to be sacrificed. The once impossible is now possible... you can have your pie and eat it too! 


Our Solution: Choose your perfect balance of all three values


We've managed to make difficult decisions a little bit more manageable.


A2.0 The Production Pie A2.0 The Production Pie

The Production Pie(A2.0)Three Ingredients


Optimal balance of three ingredients determine your final product and level of satisfaction:


...service, price, and quality.


We know, every customer is unique. So, we've enabled you to customize your experience to best suite to your needs.


By all three values sharing a slice, we are now able to be precise with exactly how much of each is optimal while always adding up to 100%. Nothing is sacrificed, everything is optimised toward your satisfaction.


The height of each slice represents the relative amount or quantity of a value (example: Lower price percentage will result in a higher price amount.) This three-dimensional model illustrates the change in quantity(height) of each value in relation to the change in percentage(width).


This optimistic view turns constraints in the production process into values, sacrifice into balance, and impossible into possible.








Find your Balance


you have the power to determine your own experience


1) Standard


Just need something printed? We'll handle everything from here, so you can concentrate on other things.


There is little concern or urgency, you would just like to have something printed with fair quality, at a reasonable price, and with the least amount of hassle. Come to NewTech we'll make things as simple for you as possible.


2) Budget

Looking for the best price? We'll help you find the perfect balance for an ideal solution...

Unlike the other values, Price works in the reverse. This means that as the percentage of Price lowers, the more your cost goes up. You can choose to dial this option up or down however the effect must be distributed between Service and/or Quality.


Bulk pricing, student discounts, corporate rates, preferred (loyal) customer, charitable causes, and special offers like our Print Now Pay Later™ program… are just a few of the ways we make printing more affordable for you!


Come to us with all your print concerns so that you can get the professional advice that you'll need to make informed decisions.


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3) Rush


In a hurry? We can drop everything and even work after hours to make your job our priority.


You can choose to dial Service up faster but this will negatively impact Price and/or Quality. The faster you want the job, the costlier it will become and the more possibility for error. To maintain both Quality and Service would have to balance out through Price, which would raise the cost. 


Timing can be everything, and when there's a deadline fast approaching you've no time to spare - rely on NewTech!

4) Perfectionist

Need it done right? We'll spare no expense to make your ideas a reality. 

When you've high expectations, you need things exactly as you've specified. Dial up Quality but be prepared to pay in Price. Good things can take time, so to avoid errors low Service is often a requirement.


We respect the artistic process. When you want the ideal people to consult on bringing your ideas to reality. This is not only a job to us, it's our craft. We pay attention to details because we know it's the details that make the difference. Creative and unusual print requests are always welcome, we're your one-stop print-shop.










NewTech will help you find your ideal balance, no other print shop has developed this unique approach to customer satisfaction, so there's only one place where you can find it. Our time-tested approach was developed in the field and the fact that we have a track record of success for over 22 years is proof of our effectiveness.


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