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Our proven track record of craftsmanship and expert advice was established over the years by by healping our customers make their ideas, reality. Creative and unusual print requests are welcome. When it comes to all things print NewTech has the  expert advice to inform your decisions.

For anything print related, NewTech is the place to go to get it done.

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Keep up-to-date on what's new with NewTech!  This is your official source for News or Press Releases.


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If you have any technical questions like file sizes, formats or anthing else, try finding your answers here, first!

Our Philosophy


The Production Triad determines your optimal balance of three elements... 

...speed, price and quality.


Every project is unique but all share three values or constraints. We customizes your experience to suit your needs and we deliver the crucial information that inform your decisions.



NewTech simplifies your internal operations. Together, our organizations can acheve a synergy that only specialization can achieve. The training, maintenance and materials needed to operate just one industrial quality printer, requires a small fortune and technical expertise. We free-up your resources to be more effectivley allocated towards your own particular industry of focus.  


Unless printing is your business the best policy is to leave the work to our experts, we make your job easier!




NewTech is a responsible part of your community. Allowing students to save, helping people find employment and enabling business growth, cultivates our shared prosperity. We believe it is both ethical and pragmatic to give back!


  • Special (Corporate) rates: You, the business community, are our most valued clients. To show you our appreciation we offer loyalty rates for prefered clientel.
  • “Print now, pay later”: We help the leaders of today connect with the leaders of tomorrow. If you’re an individual in job search, mention this offer and you could print your resume and pay only after you've got the job!
  • Student discount: We value education. Mention this offer with valid student ID and we’ll help you save on printing.




NewTech inspires loyalty through customer satisfaction. Our reputation was built for over two decades on reliability. We endevour to insure that your needs are identified, prioritized then satisfied.


Please, prefer to use Newtech Imaging for all your printing needs.


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